Monoceros (mō-nos´-e-ros)—the Unicorn. (face South.)

Location.—Monoceros is to be found east of Orion between Canis Major and Canis Minor. Three of its stars of the fourth magnitude form a straight line northeast and southwest, about 9° east of Betelgeuze, and about the same distance south of Alhena, in Gemini.

The region around the stars 8, 13, 17 is particularly rich when viewed with an opera-glass.

Note also a beautiful field about the variable S, and a cluster about midway between &alph

; and β.

Two stars about 7° apart in the tail of the Unicorn are pointer stars to Procyon. These stars are known as 30 and 31. The former is about 16° east of Procyon, and is easily identified as it has a sixth-magnitude star on either side of it. About 4° southwest of this star a good field-glass will reveal a beautiful star cluster.